Dear postgraduate students!

      LS&LP welcomes young researchers!

-   Anyone wishing to establish a scientific truth and obtain objective results of the research, can join our team and become our author.
-    It should be remembered that not all provisions of the thesis are equally suitable for the preparation of a scientific article. Not all parts of the thesis have the same level of importance, novelty and originality, and not every scientific article reflecting the results of the research is of interest for the journal.
-    Please contact the executive editor of the journal for a preliminary discussion of the paper you are going to submit. It will help to avoid rejection of the manuscript at the stage of submission and the first screening, before sending the paper for peer review.


Article Preparation Guidelines 

  1.   The article which states and solves the specific problem existing not only in theory but also in law enforcement practice, is much more interesting than the manuscript devoted to the analysis of terms (concepts and categories).
    2.  Use new and official statistical data. Conclusions and proposals, correctly substantiated by statistical data, are much more convincing.
    3.  The editorial board considers a priority the scientific papers which contain the study of law enforcement practice conducted by the author: criminal, administrative and other legal cases, certain documents and decisions. Do not forget about the correct references to these materials. Proper formatting of the references is crucial.
    4.  The title of the article should reflect its main idea. The title should be a brief phrase describing the contents of the paper. The discrepancy between the title of the manuscript and its contents is often the reason for comments. The title is correct if its wording gives the readers a true preliminary idea of the article.
    Remember that original and interesting title also creates better opportunities to search for the article. Do not call the manuscript “On the question of…” or “Some aspects of…”, joining the hundreds and thousands of titles that are not identifiable.
    5.  Avoid frequent references to the same author or periodical. The editorial board does not welcome such attempts to increase the h-index and impact factor of the journals.