Dear experts!

The journal encourages the practice of evaluating the quality of the submitted scientific papers by at least two or three reviewers.

Evaluation of the submitted manuscripts by the same (full time) experts has at least one significant drawback – the methodological monotony of the reviewing scheme.

That is why we offer cooperation to all Candidates and Doctors of Sciences – the  recognized experts in certain  fields of legal science and law enforcement practice!

The author, simultaneously being our reviewer, is always entitled to the publication of his/her scientific article out of turn.

If you are willing to act as a reviewer, please contact the executive editor of the journal via email (providing the information concerning your academic qualification).

The process of reviewing the manuscripts is described in the section “Peer Review”.

The review is printed on a special form and is signed by the reviewer (signature is not certified).

The reviewer sends a scanned copy of the review to the editorial board.

To download the form of review